Updated: Thursday November 13, 2014

I have been very bad about updating thius site. I have been a little busy being a FATHER to Samantha and Sophia Hazle, our twin daughters born November 17th, 2013!

The first year was amazing. Go to our HAZLE FAMILY PAGE for more.


I am now a Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at Entertainment Partners in Burbank. Having a great time so far.

2013 & 2014 were not great reading years but these below were among the few. has not been a great year for reading. But somehow, between becoming a father of twins, I intend to come back with a vengeance. Some of my planned reads are:

2011 Reading - 2010 Reading - 2009 Reading - 2008 Reading

For anyone who wants to contact me, my email address is wayne*hazle5@aol.com {just remove the * .} you are more likely to find me at:

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Also check out my project connected the walking The Secret Stairs of LA

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Misc Bio:

Short bio: Born June 1, 1967 in Kingston Jamaica. Became a US citizen in the late 1990s). Grew up in Montclair NJ. Attended the Montclair High School, 1981- 1985. University of Pennsylvania majoring in Computer Science Engineering 1985 - 1989. Married Mary Ellen Pugh May of 2002.

Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA1989 - 1996. AOL in Newport Beach & irvine 1996 - 2003. Pioneer Digital Electronics 2003 - 2005. QA Manager at Sustain Technologies, a division of The Daily Journal, from 2005 to 2006. QA Manager at iFilm & then SpikeTV 2006 - 2008.

In April 2008 I left Spike and started work on opening my own Maaco franchise

** Lots has happened since 2008 Maaco. In 2013 I will try to revamp the whole site and talk about my life since then. **


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