Wayne Hazle's Cambodia Trip 2001

Day 9 Thursday July 4th


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I had a six hour layover and Inchon Airport and I decided not to sit there but to catch a bus to downtown Seoul and see something.

Chandeokgung Palace -

A pretty cool site, even through it has been built three times because the Japanese keep burning it down every time they take over Korea Again, I didn't note what ever building is. Once again it started pouring rain in downtown Seoul. I bought an umbrella from a local store.

The most interesting spot on the grounds was where this empress was murdered by Japanese assasins hundreds of years ago. She was outspoken against Japanese aggression and so they sent assasins to scale the wall of the palace and kill her and her helpers. They then took her body, doused it with kerosene and burned it.

629 630 Main entrance to palace 631 A great contrast of old and new 632 A reception hall I think... 633 634

635 Me & my umbrella

636 637 I think a sacred place for the Emperor 638 Lotus plants in pool 639


641 Site of the Empress's Murder 642 Painting of the incident 643 Burning the body 644 Walking in the rain 645 Dowtown Seoul  


Inchon Airport -

A bad picture, I sure could have used better flash on this trip! This is me back at Inchon soaking wet and ready to fly back to Los Angeles!

Picture #646