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Here are my thoughts on the 2003 Season: (last updated 10/31/03)

24 - Season 3 is off too a bang! I know there must be more to it all than the drug dealer angle. That has been done a billion times. I can't wait to see where it goes.

Alias - I like Season 3 a lot. I liked Lauren. I actually don't want Syd and Vaughn back together. I am so glad not to be hearing about Rimbaldi for a while. I love the addition of Djimon Honsou..

E.R. - I like the new nurse also. I guess I am glad Luka is back. Good that Abby is going back to med school.. Ouch that burn victim was NASTY! The whole thing was sad. When will someone smack Romano? Newhart angle is boring.

Friends - Still love it.

Survivor - An interesting season. Gotta love the big guy.

Scrubs - I repeat: The best comedy on TV. Don't stop believing... Great appearance by Chris Meloni. Nice to take a break from SVU.

Cold Case - Four episodes in and I like it a lot. Lead actress (Kathryn Morriss) great. So far cases are easy, but it really works.

Lyon's Den - A dissapointment. I still haven't watched Sunday 26th episode. No hurry. The legal cases have been OK but not thrilling. It must be that the pacing in the show is off. What type of show does this want to be. A lot of the chracters are intriguing, but it still just isn't gelling. I hope to find out about the "suicide" before it gets canceled...

The Practice - I finally did it and just skipped the October 26th episode. This is the end. .

Third Watch - This show has always been a solid performer, though never a great show. Poor Faith.

NYPD Blue - Don't ask how but I missed the season opener. Since then it has been great to have it back. I hate that Diane is drinking again..

West Wing - OK, so it is not Aaron Sorkin writing, but the new pace is warming up for me. I like "Bingo Bob" I hope West Wing

Karen Sisco - Lots and lots and lots of style. I love this show, but I don't know long it will last. But I will stick with it all the way.

Law and Order: Classic - Working as good as ever. I hated the musician/fire episode.

Law and Order SVU - Like Third Watch, soild performer decent show. Bye bye Stephanie March, come back and visit please. The new ADA, my jury is still out on her... actually I liked her better in the missing kid episode. That was a good episode overall

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