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This page celebrates the greatest bike ever made, The Honda Valkyrie Interstate

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My bike before accessories were added

I never rode a motorcycle growing up, but always wanted one. In college, I had a professor who was a forensice engineer. He would offer expert testingmony in court cases invloving auto accidents when liability was being determined. he said he had seen so much mangled metal in his life, not to mention injuries and death. He said to us, "If there is one thing I want you to get from this class it is to NEVER EVER ride a motorcyle. Helmets are only useful for scooping up brains afterwards!" For 10 years after college everytime I thought of getting a bike, I would hear in my head, "Never ever ride a motorcule!". One gorgeous day while waiting for my oil to be changed in my car I wandered into a Honda shop next door. The gleam of the chrome overwhelmed me. I noticed that the Motorcycle Safety Foundation was offering a riding course. I finally ignored the voices in my head. I signed up & passed the class. Then I debated on what bike to get. Out of the blue, a friend happened to have an old Yamaha 750 sitting in his garage collecting dust. he gave it to me. So for a few months I practiced and practiced.

Then in Winter 1998 I went to the Motorcycle Show at Long Beach Convention. Harley was there allowing test rides. I jumped on an Electra Glide, my first time on a big bike. That is when I got the confidence I could handle a big bike. But when I stepped inside the convention center I saw a beautiful machine: a Honda Valkyrie Interestate, fully decked out. I knew this was my destiny. So for months I waited until the bikes would arrive in Honda showrooms

On 2/13/99 I purchased my red and black Interstate from Orange County Honda in California. It has been love ever since. For three and a half years I rode from Glendale to Irvine to work, 110 miles a day. The only thing that kept me sane was riding my Valk.. As of 8/21/03 I have accumulated 87,000 miles on it. So far my longest rides have been out to the Joshua Tree State Park, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Santa Inez..Someday, I would love to do a cross country ride. I did drop the bike once, September 12th 2001, the day after 9-11. I leaving working, close to John Wayne airport. What a strange day, the sky was empty. A car nearly swereved in front of me as I was leaning into a turn. I slammed on brakes, but couldn't straighten and I went down. I was albe to get up and ride home however.

I have done the Love Ride twice.

Love Ride 2001 (pics coming)

Love Ride 2000 (pics coming)

Long Beach Show 2000
Miscellaneous Pictures

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